October 2018

What’s happening in Central Square?

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What’s happening in Central Square? To us, Central Square is home.  It’s the heart of our city—our historic downtown, the city’s cultural district and a space shared by businesses, dozens of nonprofits, many of whom we support, and residents of all income levels.  It’s an urban expression of the values of Cambridge—diversity, creativity, spontaneity, and compassion and care for others. So, when something new happens at home—whether it’s a new picture on the wall, a big party, or a major spring clean—you notice, right?  Well, Central Square is getting all three this fall thanks to efforts coordinated by the Central Square Business Association. Central Square Mural Project: Last week “Queendom,” a new abstract, interpretative mural by Cambridge-based artist Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez brought a regal girl, a zebra and vibrant colors and graphic elements to the brick wall above H-Mart on Mass Ave.  It’s the second in a series of 10 murals by 10 artists to be completed in Central Square this month. The Mural Project celebrates the neighborhood’s long historic past, its life in the present moment, and its hope for the future. It is also a colorful recognition of the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s designation of the area as [...]

September 2018

Marla Felcher joins CCF Board of Directors

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Marla Felcher joins CCF Board of Directors This summer Marla Felcher joined our Board of Directors, and shortly after she traveled to McAllen, Texas with Grannies Respond/Abuelas Respond to learn first-hand what’s happening at the border with hundreds of detained immigrants, many of whom are asylum-seeking families and children.  That’s just who Marla is. Marla comes to us with an impressive resume.  She co-founded The Philanthropy Connection, a women’s grantmaking organization, and has worked as a marketing professor, investigative journalist, marketing consultant, and consumer advocate. She’s taught at Northwestern University, Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, and UMass-Boston’s McCormack School of Policy Studies. In November, she’ll be teaching a course at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education on philanthropy. Throughout her busy career, she’s served on boards of organizations working to make a difference in people’s lives.  She recently confessed that she loved teaching, but what she loved even more was working with non-profit leaders. Now, being on our board is part of her new full-time job, and we’re delighted to have her. We wanted to introduce you. Why did you join the Cambridge Community Foundation board? When I stepped down from The Philanthropy Connection, I realized I had spare [...]

Brownies for Immigrant Legal Defense

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Brownies for Immigrant Legal Defense Meet Amanda Formica, a new CCF donor The people of Cambridge answer the call for donations when it comes to supporting people who are being oppressed or are in need, Mayor Marc McGovern recently said, adding: “That’s part of who we are as a caring community.” We agree. To date, more than 250 people have donated to the Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants. Amanda Formica, a graduate student at Tufts is one of our new donors. Amanda attended our CCF Forum, Lives in Limbo, on June 27th and after hearing more from local scholars and lawyers, she wanted to help.  She organized a bake sale in Harvard Square in August and with the help of Caroline Hedberg, fellow graduate student in international affairs at Fletcher, and Katharina Quecke, a local artist, she raised $350 for the fund. How did you get involved with CCF? I met CCF staff at the Central Square Flea this summer. I was interested in the Cambridge Legal Defense Fund for Immigrants because of my background in immigration (I spent four years in El Paso, Texas, volunteering in a migrant shelter, and later in Mexico).  CCF staff invited me [...]

June 2018

April 2018

$1.3 Million CCF Grants – FY18

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$535,000 awarded to 62 local nonprofits this spring The Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF) is distributing $535,000 in grants this spring to more than 60 nonprofits, including $130,000 for the Family Independence Initiative (FII), the largest grant in this cycle, to help advance social and economic mobility for local low-income families.  This is the second cycle of grant making this year, bringing CCF’s support of local non-profits to over $1 Million dollars to date.  Every year, the CCF distributes approximately $1.3 Million to support community organizations throughout the city, CCF’s special initiatives, and organizations supported by donor-advised funds. The only foundation focused exclusively on the needs of Cambridge residents, CCF and its nonprofit partners support a wide range of services, and, this year, focused on addressing the urgent needs of local residents, including immigrant families and workers. “We are seeing growing community needs related to issues of economic security and immigrant issues that threaten the wellbeing of families, children, workers and the immigrant population in Cambridge,” said Geeta Pradhan, president of the Cambridge Community Foundation.  “We received a record number of requests from 100 organizations seeking funding this spring.  The Foundation and its donors are committed to helping as many [...]

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