About the Fund

The Cambridge/Agassiz/Harvard Community, Culture, and Recreation Fund (CAH Fund) is a donor-advised fund created by Harvard University and the Agassiz Neighborhood to support a range of programs to benefit children, teens, families, individuals and seniors and to enhance the quality of life within the City of Cambridge and the Agassiz community. The CAH Fund is managed by a seven-member advisory board of City, community and university representatives and is administered through the Cambridge Community Foundation.

The CAH Fund is expressly intended to supplement rather than replace existing sources of funding. It enables and encourages ‘pilot’ projects. CAH Fund grants can support the strengthening of organizational capacity, self-reliance, and sustainability. Preference will be given to projects of the Agassiz community or agencies seeking to increase the access of under-served groups and people of modest means to educational, cultural, recreational, health, or community building opportunities.  Collaboration among nonprofits is encouraged.