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    Named Funds 2016-11-28T15:07:47+00:00
    Name of FundFocus of fund
    Agassiz Neighborhood Council Tree FundFor tree planting in the Agassiz Neighborhood.
    Judge Charles Almy FundTo support children’s needs and services.
    Anonymous Fund (2)
    The Carol and Sherwood Bain FundTo support the work of the Foundation.
    BankBoston FundFor youth, education and economic development.
    Sara M. Bass FundTo support the Foundation’s mission.
    Ralph and Beryl B. Beatley FundFor children and adolescents.
    Julia Otis Bibbins FundTo help children appreciate art and gain artistic skill.
    Biogen Idec Fund for CambridgeTo address changes faced by Cambridge residents.
    Richard H. and Amy L. Bird FundTo help those at greatest risk.
    Horace O. Bright FundTo support the Foundation.
    The Diane Bushner Memorial Scholarship at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School and The Diane Bushner Memorial Teacher Recognition GrantA scholarship for CRL seniors, and to honor teaching.
    Cambridge/Agassiz/Harvard Community, Culture, and Recreation FundA fund for Agassiz-Baldwin community and Cambridge in general.
    Cambridge Art Association FundAn agency endowment fund.
    Cambridge Community Foundation Leadership FundTo support the Foundation’s civic leadership work.
    Cambridge Trust Company Customers’ FundTo strengthen community well-being.
    The Chamberlain FundTo support Cambridge Homes, Mt. Auburn Hospital and Paine Senior Services.
    Children’s FundFor Cambridge children.
    Paul R. Corcoran FundThe gift of an early Foundation trustee
    Casimir and Elizabeth de Rham FundFor human service agencies.
    Alfred Della Paolera ScholarshipFor Watertown High graduates.
    Leo H. Dworsky FundTo support the Foundation.
    Walter F. Earle FundTo serve the community of Cambridge.
    Mrs. Marion Eiseman FundFor general support.
    Americo J. Francisco Charity FundFor programs in education, elder care, emergency response, health human services immigrant services and volunteerism.
    Americo J. Francisco Elder’s Fund for East CambridgeTo help senior residents facing emergency needs.
    The Eleanor Balkind Friedman FundFor environmental, educational and human service programs.
    The Sheila Gamble FundTo support education, environmental protection, health and women’s issues.
    Nan Haar FundTo assist local agencies.
    Henry Hall FundTo support the work of the Foundation.
    Anne H. and Dwight E. Harken FundTo honor lives of service and dedication to Cambridge.
    Rick Harriman and Kristen Wainwright Civic Leadership FundTo support the Foundation’s Civic Leadership responsibilities
    Head Of The Charles Regatta® FundFor the Foundation as one of two official charities of the Regatta.
    Val Hinderlie FundTo help those who change careers to work in childcare.
    Hurlbut Legacy Fund for CambridgeTo support the Foundation’s civic leadership
    Jackson Family FundFor music education
    J. Jonas FundFor children from infancy through adolescence.
    The Karnovsky FundFor education in and out of school.
    Theodora Keith FundFor general support.
    The Geoconda and Joseph H. King FundTo encourage collaboration among human service providers.
    Paul and Martha Lawrence FundTo support the work of the Foundation
    Stanley Lawton FundFor general support.
    Ruth and Edith Lindblom FundFor the betterment of Cambridge.
    The Arthur L. and Geneva T. Malenfant FundFor children in need.
    Mary Mohrer Peer Counselors FundTrains CRL students to serve as mentors.
    John R. Moot FundTo support social service agencies.
    Ruth W. Motherwell FundTo honor Joseph Motherwell
    The Sarah Hope Moulton FundTo help families with disabled children.
    Ronald Novendstern FundFor unmet healthcare needs
    Oaktree Appellant’s Group: Alewife FundTo preserve the Alewife Reservation
    Oaktree Appellant’s Group: Affordable Housing FundFor affordable housing
    Open Software Foundation FundFor community service
    The Parmenter FundScholarships to enable students to attend Harvard
    Patricia and Herbert W. Pratt FundFor art and music education
    Charlotte and Irving W. Rabb FundFor Cambridge youth
    RBS04 FundChild mental health and music education
    Dr. Robert C. Reid FundGeneral Foundation support
    J. Preston Rice Memorial FundFor immigrant families
    Rindge School of Technical Arts FundTo prepare students for careers
    Manuel Rogers Sr. Center FundFor the Center for Portuguese Culture
    The Bob Shea Memorial FundTo help homeless people
    Social Justice Works! The Aaronson FundFor CRL students promoting social justice
    Special FundFor compelling needs
    The Patricia Weiland Stavely Memorial Book FundTo honor a love of books
    Alan Steinert FundTo support the Foundation’s work
    Alice Morris Sturges FundFor families with disabled children
    Walter Knight Sturges FundTo honor students and teachers in the arts
    James Jerome Sullivan FundTo support Foundation grantmaking
    Synectics, Inc. FundTo support the Foundation’s Civic Leadership responsibilities
    Teaching Philanthropy FundTo encourage philanthropy.
    Anne Longfellow Thorp FundFor Cambridge social services.
    Timothy and Joseph Traversy FundTo encourage philanthropy.
    Tufts Health Plan FundTo improve community health.
    The Detlev and Dorothy Vagts FundTo enhance equity and fair play.
    Eleanor Roberta Walker Scholarship FundFor Belmont high graduates who want to teach.
    Cornelia Balch Wheeler FundUnrestricted Foundation support.
    Albert O. Wilson FundFor the city of Cambridge.
    George E. Wilson Campers FundFor children to attend summer camp
    The Alice Wolf Early Education and Care FundFor Cambridge children and their families