Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my SNAP benefits at your markets?

Yes! Visit the Market Manager’s table at any market to swipe your EBT card ┬áto use on any SNAP-eligible foods. We will match what you spend with SNAP up to $15 per person per WEEK through our SNAP Match program, doubling your purchasing power!

Do your markets sell crafts?

In general, our markets focus on supporting local agriculture and healthy food systems. However, we have a very small number of producers who make products such as soap, lotions, and yarn made from agricultural products they produce themselves.

Are your markets organic?

Our markets are not exclusively organic. Some of our farmers and producers are Certified Organic; some choose not to get certified but use organic practices; some go above and beyond what is federally required to be organic; and some use conventional practices. All of our farmers run small-scale, family farms and are very proud of the produce they grow. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to build a relationship with your farmers at market and ask them about their growing practices.

What types of fruits and vegetables can I expect to find at market?

Click here to see what’s in season when in the New England region.

When and where are your markets?

We have weekly markets located in Cambridge. You can find a complete schedule with the times and locations of all our markets here.