Lori Lander: The Power of Convening

2018-07-27T15:55:33+00:00June 22nd, 2018|Civic Leadership, Press Release, Uncategorized|

When Lori Lander was fresh out of college, she helped create a program to engage young adults in Miami’s urban challenges. That program hooked her on the power of convening and civic engagement, and today, Cambridge benefits. Lander, who is on our board of directors and co-chairs our Program and Special Initiatives Committee, is a powerful advocate for community building in Cambridge. She is one of the founders of Cambridge’s MLK Day of Service. This year, in its eighth year, the event drew more than 3,200 people of all ages and from all walks of life to work on projects that benefit others, in honor of Dr. King. Lori also hosts monthly conversations about urgent issues in Cambridge, in her living room! “I care deeply about how to get people active and engaged in their community,” said Lori. “It’s what Tip O’Neill said… 'All Politics is Local’. We’re all responsible for the community we live in and we need to engage to become the community we want it to be.” The monthly Breakfast Gatherings at Lori Lander’s house started in 2010 when she was thinking about how to coordinate the MLK Day of Service. She invited people she knew [...]