How to support your favorite nonprofits with a donor advised fund

2020-12-02T21:04:25+00:00February 18th, 2020|Philanthropy, Press Release|

"Nonprofit Row," home to the Foundation and nearly a dozen other Cambridge nonprofits. Giving is an impactful way to benefit your community, but it’s important to consider how you give. There are numerous ways to support local nonprofits. From an unrestricted gift of cash, to buying tickets for an annual gala, to opening a donor advised fund (DAF). A donor advised fund is one charitable giving vehicle that can stretch your dollars further and maximize the impact of your donation. DAFs have been gaining popularity in recent years and are a wonderful way to support nonprofits you care about. What is a donor advised fund? A DAF is similar to an investment account with the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations that are important to you. Assets contributed to a DAF do not have to solely be cash. Individuals may contribute publicly traded securities, bitcoin, real estate, mutual fund shares, and certain complex assets (such as privately held C-corp and S-corp shares). Your donation will then grow in your account tax-free based on your investment preferences. The assets accumulated in a donor advised fund can be used to support virtually any charity that is qualified by [...]