A Note on Race and Ethnicity

The Cambridge Community Foundation wants to find equity in action and in words, including with respect to racial categories depicted in this report. As a result, we have adjusted the standard naming conventions established by the U.S. Census bureau in the following ways: “Hispanic/Latino” ethnicity is referred to as “Latinx”; “Black” refers to “Black/African American”; “Asian” includes “Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander”; “Multiracial” refers to “Two or More”; and “Another race/AIAN” includes “Some Other” and “American Indian/Alaska Native.”

The status quo of racial and ethnic categories is insufficient at capturing the full diversity of individuals and historically marginalized populations, and is not reflective of the values of the Cambridge Community Foundation. Native and Indigenous people have been and continue to be a part of this land and our community, as do other people who are underrepresented in data. Because of small sample sizes, we lack data on the many ethnic identities that are represented in the Census Bureau’s broader racial and ethnic categories.