What is SNAP Match?The SNAP Match program doubles the buying power of SNAP shoppers by matching what they spend in SNAP with an equal dollar amount from Match funding. For example, $15 SNAP credit allows SNAP shoppers to purchase $30 of farm fresh products.

Addressing Cambridge’s Food Insecurity:

In Cambridge, there are 5,607 SNAP households, with a total of 8,848 individuals receiving SNAP benefits. On average, SNAP benefits amount to just $4 per day per person, making prioritizing healthy, locally sourced food a challenge. SNAP Match funding stretches the budgets of low-income families when buying fresh produce and gives SNAP shoppers more diverse options and access to healthy, nutritious food. In the last year, the SNAP Match Coalition provided $16,000 in matching funds to 584 households.

SNAP Match 2016 Goals & Expected Outcomes:

  • Provide $19,000 in matching dollars to 700 SNAP households
  • Deliver 33,000 servings of healthy fruits and vegetables to 1120 individuals, 252 children and 154 seniors.


The Coalition has successfully raised funds for match over the past few years. Funding is insecure from year to year. The coalition would like to identify stable sources of funding that would allow them to continue to serve SNAP shoppers and expand the number of SNAP households it serves.
The Cambridge SNAP Match Coalition is a collaboration of the Cambridge Public Health Department, the City of Cambridge Community Development Department, Food for Free, Mass Farmers Markets, Harvard University, the Cambridge Community Center, and the Cambridge Community Foundation (acting as the coalition’s fiscal sponsor).



  • Cambridge Community Center, Cambridge Winter Farmers Market
  • Harvard Dining Services, Harvard University Farmers Market
  • Mass Farmers Markets, Central Square Farmers Market
  • Food For Free
  • City of Cambridge Community Development Department
  • Cambridge Public Health Department, Cambridge in Motion initiative


You can count on us to bring you fresh fruits and vegetables.