• Establish the mission and policies that enable the Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF) to improve the quality of life for people in and around the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts; and
  • Manage all CCF property for the purpose of building and maintaining its philanthropic endowment and operations to meet the mission.


Term of service: no more than two, consecutive five-year terms

Quorum: One half of the overseers shall constitute a quorum with voting decision by majority of the quorum present

Organization:  The board elects a president and treasurer serving terms determined by the board and organizes a committee structure to meet its fiduciary and operational oversight responsibilities


General Powers:

  • Oversight of the Foundation’s assets
  • By-laws, enacted by the chair for its own governance and amended or repealed from time to time as deemed necessary.
  • Administration, activities, policies and development of the Cambridge Community Foundation
  • Power to invest funds given directly to the Cambridge Community Foundation for administration
  • All the necessary powers to fulfill these responsibilities

Power over Income and Principal:

  • To select and determine charitable objects and purposes
  • Select annually or more often recipients and the amount to be distributed

Additional Powers:

  • To modify any restriction or condition on distribution of funds
  • To replace any trustee, custodian or agent for breach of fiduciary duty
  • To replace any trustee, custodian or agent for failure to produce a reasonable ( as determined by the board) return of net income and appreciation with due regard to the safety of principal over a reasonable period of time