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Arrow Street Arts Fund2024-05-15T21:24:52+00:00

The Arrow Street Arts Fund is currently not accepting applications.
Applicants may view the status of their application on the grant portal. Decisions will be released in June.


The Cambridge Community Foundation is committed to ensuring equitable access to arts and culture in Cambridge. In Fall 2023, in partnership with Arrow Street Arts, we opened the first cycle of the Arrow Street Arts Fund. This fund aims to strengthen the arts and culture ecosystem by providing subsidized use of a newly renovated Arrow Street Arts multi-space venue located at 2 Arrow Street in Harvard Square. Through this partnership, we hope to increase access to affordable and welcoming arts spaces in Cambridge.

The Fund has awarded a total of $55,658 to eight local performing arts groups as of Spring 2024. Learn about our first grants cycle and our second grants cycle.

The Arrow Street Arts Fund is driven by a 2018 study, “Boston Performing Arts Facilities Assessment”, which highlights that a key barrier for local artists is the limited access to performance spaces, in part because of the cost of rent and related fees. In 2019, the Cambridge Mayor’s Arts Task Force also documented the increasing displacement of artists in Cambridge, which only worsened during the pandemic.

As the foundation of and for all of Cambridge, we aspire to make our community vibrant, just, and equitable for all. This fund underlines the Foundation’s commitment to strengthening the creative capacity of arts and culture in Cambridge. In addition to lessening the gap between the needs of artists and the availability of performance spaces, grants will aim to support artists from historically underserved groups and diverse backgrounds.

This fund also plays a part in the Foundation’s larger strategic goal of building social cohesion, by strengthening and diversifying the art and culture ecosystem.


Am I or my organization eligible to apply?2023-11-07T20:23:22+00:00

The ASA Fund accepts applications from organizations and artists with designation as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity or with fiscal sponsorship by an entity with such a designation.

Programs/events applying to the ASA Fund must:

  • Be approved through the Arrow Street Arts rental inquiry process
  • Take place within 1 year of the application deadline
  • Serve Cambridge and those that live in or rely on Cambridge
  • Align with the goals of the ASA Fund

Please note approved grants may only be used to subsidize the cost of rental space. Approved grants may or may not cover full cost.

What is the timeline for applying?2024-04-04T18:40:34+00:00

The ASA Fund is currently accepting applications through May 15th at 5:00 pm. Grant notifications will be sent out in early June.

The next cycle will take place in the Fall of 2024. Please check back to this page for more information at that time.

NOTE: Proposed programs/events must take place within 1 year of the application deadline.

Where can I apply?2023-12-05T22:07:16+00:00

Before applying, your program/event must be approved through the Arrow Street Arts rental inquiry process.

To complete applications and reports, all applicants must register in CCF’s new Grant Portal. If you or someone from your organization is already registered, please contact the grantmaking team to add additional users to your organization. If your organization does not have a Portal account, please follow the registration procedure below:

  • optional: Watch the “Applicant Tutorial Video” and review the “Create an Account/Log On” information here.
  • Click here to access the Grant Portal.
  • Click “Create New Account”
  • Enter all required information:
    • Organization information
    • User information
    • Executive Officer information
  • Finally, set a password for your account.

After registering your organization, you will be able to begin applying to any of the Foundation’s open grant programs.

Tell me more about the available spaces and services.2023-11-08T20:43:23+00:00

The newly renovated, multi-use venue at 2 Arrow Street is available to smaller performing arts organizations and artists in need of space that can accommodate audiences ranging from 150 to 600 people.  

ASA’s Black Box, Studio, Green Room, Lobby and Dressing Room will all be available for licensing. With comprehensive lighting, sound, and production capacities, ASA’s facility offers both venue and production services that will help meet community and artists’ needs.  

How may the grant funds be used?2023-11-08T20:37:59+00:00

Approved grants may only be used to subsidize the cost of rental space at Arrow Street Arts’ facilities. Please note approved grants may or may not cover the full cost. 

I still have questions, who should I contact?2023-11-08T20:39:45+00:00

Please contact [email protected] and include “Arrow Street Arts” in the subject line.

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