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“Starlight Square”. Photo courtesy of the Central Square Business Improvement District.

In October of 2020, the Cambridge Community Foundation and the City of Cambridge joined forces to launch a new Cultural Capital Fund to address urgent needs in the local arts and culture sector. 


The Cultural Capital Fund invests in nonprofit organizations, individuals, and projects that preserve and nurture arts and culture in Cambridge ensuring that our city continues its long-standing tradition of innovation and strives to nurture the diversity and creativity vital to Cambridge. 

To date, the Fund has awarded more than 40 grants to arts organizations. The Foundation also committed to building an endowment for the arts and culture sector to protect the city’s cultural richness over the long term. 


Applications for the Cultural Capital Fund are currently closed. To learn more about the Cultural Capital Fund or submit a letter of interest, please contact Christina Turner, Vice President of Programs and Grantmaking, at [email protected]. 

The Cultural Capital Fund seeks to fund projects that: 

  • Spark creativity and imagination in youth to nurture future generations of creative thinkers and artists. 
  • Elevate and sustain Central Square, the city’s only cultural district, as a destination for the arts. 
  • Protect the viability of the local arts and culture ecosystem to foster creativity and innovation. 


To invest in the Cultural Capital Fund, please click here.

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