Central Square Theater (CST) was created with a unique collaborative culture and is dedicated to experimentation and innovation on stage – with their artistic vision and in their audience-building initiatives.  As a result, it has afforded opportunities for Cambridge residents to participate in ground-breaking programs such as the Young Leaders, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Institute.  It is also a founding member of the Massachusetts task force on creating Cultural Districts.

Two of CST’s exemplary programs are:

Community Connectivity (C2) is an audience development effort that connects the stories on the stage with stories in our communities. CST’s long-term goal for building audiences is to increase the diversity of their audiences not only for singular productions that may have a culturally specific theme or target audience, but also for all of CST’s work throughout the season.

Youth Underground is a socio-economic, culturally, and ethnically diverse youth Ensemble serving ages 13-25.  Participating youth have stipend-eligible opportunities to create theater together and in tandem with community-based organizations; and to showcase their work across the City and at CST. Youth Underground provides a platform for members to understand the perspective of others, develop their own perspectives, and come to a deeper understanding of self as they cultivate their artistry. Above all, Youth Underground members define themselves as agents of change and emerging opinion leaders within their immediate neighborhood and beyond. As an alumni noted, I love to see the world through different perspectives … helps you become more open minded.”