Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund

The Cambridge Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Massachusetts COVID-19 Relief Fund to support Middlesex County nonprofits on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis serving our most vulnerable communities. Learn about our June 30th grantmaking cycle and our most recent grantmaking on July 14th.

Our grantees of the MA COVID-19 Relief Fund include:

Nonprofits serving Cambridge:

  • Agassiz Baldwin Community: $20,000 to provide immediate and tailored support for low-income families and seniors in Cambridge. 
  • Cambridge Community Center: $25,000 to support around 1,000 food-insecure families and community members through their Food & Supply Pantry. 
  • Cambridge Economic Opportunity Committee (CEOC): $50,000 to provide food for individuals waiting for state and federal relief, and to help more residents apply for SNAP, unemployment and disaster relief.
  • East End House, Inc.: $25,000 to support basic needs identified through emergency case management and emergency supports to fifty under-resourced children, families, and individual cases. 
  • Enroot, Inc.: $25,000 to meet the immediate needs for 45 local immigrant students and their families in Enroot’s College Success program. 
  • Food For Free: $50,000 to provide free summer produce markets and food deliveries to hundreds of food-insecure households in Cambridge and Somerville.
  • Homeowner’s Rehab, Inc.: $25,000 to provide emergency rental assistance to residents in Cambridge who are in danger of eviction due to rental arrearage and to pay utility bills for households in need.
  • Just-A-Start Corporation$25,000 to support basic needs of low- to moderate-income individuals in Cambridge, Medford, and Somerville through Just-A-Start’s (JAS’s) education, training, housing and economic security programs. 
  • Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House: $25,000 to maintain the food pantry and pay rent arrearages for families in The Port neighborhood of Cambridge who live below the poverty line.

Nonprofits serving Medford:

  • Malden YMCA: $40,000 to serve the Medford community with free groceries, grab-and-go youth meals, and home/doorstep grocery delivery to vulnerable households.
  • Friends of the Medford Family Network Corp.: $10,000 to support the basic needs of Medford families affected by COVID-19, including food, clothing, diapers, toiletries, and more. 
  • West Medford Community Center$15,000 to support the emotional and mental health needs of 150 vulnerable individuals in Medford and Somerville as they deal with the immediate and long-term impact of social isolation exacerbated by the pandemic. 

Nonprofits serving Somerville:

  • Community Action Agency of Somerville, Inc. (CAAS): $100,000 for the Somerville Cares Fund, to assist low-income households in danger of eviction with rent arrearages.
  • Welcome Project, Inc.: $30,000 to provide financial support to immigrant families in Somerville, Medford, and Cambridge who are financially impacted by COVID-19, helping with utilities and other direct costs.

Photo above: Volunteers and staff at the Cambridge Community Center’s Food & Supply Pantry. Photo courtesy of the Center.