Investing in shared prosperity, social equity, and cultural richness is core to the Cambridge Community Foundation’s work. Solving big issues and finding solutions requires collective action. 

The Foundation utilizes a portion of its Community Fund to proactively support projects connected to scaled or systemic change related to foundation strategic goals, important community needs or opportunities for impact. We also bring together donors, the public, and philanthropic partners who are passionate about these issues and use co-investment and collaborative decision-making to create collective community impact. 

Grantmaking for Initiatives is by invitation only, but recognizing the skills, capacities, and knowledge inherent in our community, the Cambridge Community Foundation welcomes input, and brief letters of interest to explore strategic investments. 

Our most recent Initiative grantees are: 

To learn more about Initiatives or submit a letter of interest, please contact Christina Turner, Director of Programs and Grantmaking, at [email protected].