Over its 100-year history, the Cambridge Community Foundation has been partner to a dedicated network of individuals and nonprofit organizations, helping to make a difference in our community. Our nonprofit partners support the Foundation by sharing insights and innovations in practice, and emergent community needs and opportunities. They deliver the care and services, mobilize and engage residents, and nurture the civic, cultural, and economic vitality of our city.

As the foundation of the community, we support a broad range of issues, as well as specific equity challenges and opportunities towards a vision of shared prosperity. We invite you to work with us to collaborate, leverage local assets, and push for systemic change.



The Foundation’s grants are investments in advancing the impact of our nonprofit partners, as well as the intent of donors who make the work possible. These investments therefore must be carefully focused to:

– Respond to community needs and opportunities

– Align with findings of the Cambridge Needs Assessment

– Increase investment in evidence-based strategies and initiatives

– Build community and collaborative capacity

The Foundation makes three types of grants:

    • Discretionary funds as well as the Sheila Gamble Fund, Americo J. Francisco Charity Fund, and Americo J. Francisco Elders Fund
    • Small Grants and Large Grants
    • We have revised our Community Fund guidelines & deadline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Find out more here.
    • By Invitation Only
    • Strong Families
    • Early Childhood
    • Innovation Economy Opportunities
    • Creativity & Innovation

Community Fund Grants

Contributions to the Cambridge Endowment, our Community Fund, make it possible for the Foundation to make grants in response to community needs and opportunities. The Cambridge Endowment is a pool of funds contributed by donors over the Foundation’s 104-year history. Income from these funds is pooled to make grants that ensure a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive Cambridge where everyone can enjoy opportunity and a good quality of life…more

Initiative Co-Investment Grants – By Invitation Only

With a long and celebrated history, Cambridge today stands for educational excellence, innovation, and economic vitality. A small city with global impact, Cambridge has a wealth of intellectual and financial resources, innovation capacity, and a spirit of generosity. Its booming economy has created more jobs than the city’s population. Cambridge draws residents from around the world – local students speak 104 languages at home, from Albanian to Vietnamese – and the city is prized for its quality of life. …more

Donor Directed, Designated, and Field of Interest Funds

The generosity of our donors extends the Foundation’s grantmaking and provides critical resources to nonprofits for causes and activities that meet community needs and are the passion of our donors. These grants fund:

  • issue areas
  • specific nonprofits
  • scholarships

Grants from donor advised funds go directly to nonprofits based on donor recommendations or through donor designation to a specific agency….more