Published On: December 14th, 2023

Dear neighbors,

How often do you turn to your partner during a film and say, “Wow. We are part of this!”

That’s what happened when we watched “It’s Basic,” a documentary on the groundbreaking guaranteed basic income (GBI) programs across the country, including Cambridge RISE.

As CCF Donor Advised Fund (DAF) holders, we were among the first to learn about our local GBI pilot and support it. Pioneering GBI in Cambridge in partnership with Mayor Siddiqui and community donors is just one example of how the Foundation serves as a real civic leader and catalyst for innovative change. As DAF holders, we get to play a part in many of the big, bold steps CCF takes. With CCF we can see how we’re making a difference. It’s an incredible feeling.

We care about Cambridge and supporting local nonprofits but we aren’t philanthropic experts and we’re both so busy. CCF has a finger on the pulse of philanthropy and the needs of this community. We trust CCF to help our dollars make an impact. And having a DAF makes giving back easy – our money can be activated whenever we’re ready.

If you’re like us, you’ve got a lot going on, but you love Cambridge and you want to see your community thrive – making a gift to CCF this season is a no-brainer. Donate here.

Happy holidays,

Beth and Marty Milkovits

Beth is a CCF Board and PAC member. Marty is a community reviewer for Community Fund grants. Beth and Marty are also CCF DAF holders.