Published On: April 8th, 2021

Our community conversation on April 7, 2021 for the release of our latest research.

Yesterday, over 300 community members joined us for a powerful, important, and timely conversation about the future of our city. A panel of local experts discussed the opportunities and challenges we face as an innovation city, on the occasion of the launch of our new research report, Equity & Innovation Cities: The Case of Cambridge.

Guided by Boston Globe columnist Adrian Walker, our speakers shared insights that can inform follow-on conversations and help move us to collective action. Here are just a few examples:

  • Andy Ory pointed to nimble startups as possible onramps to innovation jobs for local talent.
  • Eboney Hearn highlighted the importance of high expectations and cultivating a belief among young people that they can learn anything they put their minds to.
  • Tony Clark called for an “excellence plan” for every student in our public schools and funding for Black innovation.
  • David A. Williams noted how critical networks and relationships are for kids of all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds to access opportunity.

There were so many more important perspectives offered. We encourage you to revisit the recording (above) of the panel conversation and hear directly from our experts and attendees.

The discussion gave us confidence that our city has all the ingredients and the wherewithal to meet the challenges we face, together.

We’ll be convening additional conversations—follow us to stay tuned!

In the news

The Boston Globe features our report. Underscoring the stark disparities shown by our data, this story also highlights Cambridge’s will to tackle them. Geeta Pradhan said: “Surely, with the resources…and the power that we have, we should be able to solve the problems of our city.”  Read >>>