Published On: December 2nd, 2020

Dear friends,

The Cambridge Community Foundation has never felt such a responsibility to do so much for the people of Cambridge. Then again, we’re facing a year unlike any other. As we write this letter to you, we are painfully aware that too many of our neighbors – the friends we pass on the street daily – are struggling to eat, pay rent, cover bills, and connect, in what will no doubt be their hardest winter yet.

As a foundation that’s of and for the people, we saw the immediate impact of the pandemic and in March 2020 launched the Cambridge COVID-19 Emergency Fund. To this day, the fund has been a source of support for essential needs for individuals and families who live in and rely on our city.

With giving season on the horizon, our moral compass calls upon us to focus our seasonal fundraising efforts squarely on COVID-19 relief and we invite you to join us, to provide help to anyone without food, who cannot pay the rent, who cannot provide for their children or elderly parents.

We know we are stronger when we act together.

The threat to families is as real today as it was six months ago; many neighbors continue to live on a razor’s edge. The pandemic has reminded us that while the future is uncertain, the Cambridge Community Foundation’s role in this city is constant. Together we are the steady, reliable—yet innovative and nimble—source of support that can help our community take on the challenges it faces today and will continue to face tomorrow.

We know you share our steadfast commitment to the city we love and share. We invite you to become a partner in this second major campaign for COVID-19 relief funding, to help nonprofits on the frontlines address urgent needs. Thank you in advance for your unwavering support.

Please donate here.

We warmly wish you happy holidays.


Geeta Pradhan, President
Richard Harriman, Board Chair