Published On: February 24th, 2020

“The education program is amazing! I would never be able to afford music lessons and workshops like these. And it’s all done in such a relaxing and safe atmosphere.”

Participant, Tunefoolery

“We look at the arc of performances over a season and ask, ‘How do we find a mirror for all in our community in what we program? How do we help a mover who’s only taken ballet and yearns to take Hip Hop? What choreographic tools do we share with the self-identified queer youth who struggles to express themselves both in life and in the dance they’re making?'”

Peter DiMuro, Executive Artistic Director, The Dance Complex

“The guests at CASPAR Emergency Shelter are a wonderfully engaged and appreciative audience. One listener wrote that before the concert, ‘I had a lot of anxiety,’ yet after felt, “very calm and relaxed.” When asked what this listener enjoyed most, they wrote, ‘You gave me joy. I was dancing.'”

Carrie Eldridge-Dickson, Managing Director, Shelter Music Boston

The Parkinson’s basically freezes my body. The muscles get tight, they don’t want to move. The loss of dopamine makes you forget that you can move, and I’m finding the opposite is true. The more I move, the more I can move. At the end of the hour and a half, I am more limber, I am feeling healthier, I’m feeling more social.

Participant, Urbanity Dance