Published On: August 21st, 2017

A path forward.

On Saturday, August 19, 2017 over forty thousand people marched in Boston to send a clear message—“hatred, bigotry, racism have no place in our community!”  This event was a rally for equity, justice, tolerance, humanity… for love, inclusion, liberty …for a life free of discrimination, persecution, and fear.  It stressed the essential constitutional and humanistic idea that “Otherness” was normal, but inciting hatred and violence against the “Other” was not.

The voices in this spectacular event echo the values held by the Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF) since it was founded in 1916.  CCF has worked relentlessly with the quintessential “Other”, the underprivileged, vulnerable, immigrant communities in Cambridge, to secure a starting foothold in their lives. We are now confronted with the broader issues beyond those first steps: How do we sustain the spirit of generosity in a community whose long-term success depends on social and economic interdependence?  How do we deepen the discourse of Cambridge as an engine of innovation to embrace the breadth of this community?

The Foundation serves the community as a neutral convener, connecting people, knowledge and resources, and strives to be a catalyst and a partner to promote the desired changes in our community – changes that reflect voices seldom heard, that seek justice and fairness, that weave together strengths from multiple parts of our community.  With a fundamental approach that carries at its core ‘respect for human dignity’, we commit to bringing together different parts of this city to promote greater understanding.

In a city where people gather from all over the world to solve problems, we urge you to join us and craft the solutions to fulfill a humanitarian vision of ‘equity and shared prosperity’!

Richard Harriman, Board Chair

Geeta Pradhan, President