Published On: July 20th, 2018

Four graduating seniors were awarded the 2018 Falcon Pride Scholarships by Andus Baker and Kim Green Goldstein at the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School’s Scholarship Evening on May 17th, 2018. This year’s cohort included Kelsey Jajoute, Vanessa Marques Pineda, Lisa Mekonnen, and Bryanna Rodriguez. They are every bit as inspiring and full of promise as the first group of scholarship recipients last year.

Awarding the scholarships stands as a high point of the year for the Foundation, which is seeding the Falcon Pride Scholarship Fund; for our Falcon Pride Scholarship donors; and for the students an affirmation of their achievements as students. The students are brimming with excitement about their futures, and they are thrilled to have these two-year scholarships demonstrating the Cambridge community’s commitment to their success. For our donors, it is a way to address the opportunity disparity students feel as they move from high school to post-secondary education with scholarship support that makes education accessible and helps to put completion within grasp.

To date, we have committed funding to eight CRLS seniors, four of whom are now in college. The Falcon Pride Scholarship Fund has secured over $300,000 since its founding in 2017, and we are very pleased to have a strong partnership with CRLS which determines the award recipients through the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Scholarship Committee. The Falcon Pride Scholarship donors are active on behalf of the Fund raising additional funding, and considering how to make this fund as intentional as possible through direct scholarships and meeting student’s other needs through college.

The Falcon Pride Scholarship is empowering students to achieve their goals by providing financial resources, a strong vote of confidence, and the knowledge that a caring community in Cambridge stands with them as they step forward in life. Donations to the fund may be made here.