Published On: February 4th, 2022

Just a few of the incredible community nonprofits supported by the Community Fund.

Built over a century by the collective giving of generations of local donors, our Community Fund has grown into a dependable source of funding for more than 150 nonprofits—investing nearly one million dollars annually to support the wellbeing of our city and equitable access to opportunity for all residents.

From February 3 to 25, the application for our spring grantmaking cycle is open to all Cambridge-serving nonprofits who didn’t receive funding in our fall cycle.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the flexibility, commitment, and incredible capacity of our nonprofit partners to respond to evolving needs and increased demand for services. As the impact of the pandemic wears on, we will continue to offer flexible grants so our nonprofits can apply funds where they’re most needed to fulfill their missions—from addressing urgent needs, education, arts and culture, workforce training, mental health programs, racial justice, and more.

We thank our donors for their continued generosity that helps ensure the Community Fund will remain a steadfast source of nonprofit support and a Cambridge tradition.