Published On: December 21st, 2023

Happily engaged, 30-somethings Rebekah and Eric had attended a whirlwind of weddings and seen many couples pour their precious wedding budget into single-use tchotchkes that made no lasting impact other than in a landfill. So, they asked themselves: for our own wedding, why not spend that money on something we actually care about?

It didn’t take long for the couple to agree – they care about their Cambridge community. They decided to donate $500 to CCF in honor of this special moment in their lives after learning about us through the non-profit creative space, Gallery 263, in their Cambridgeport neighborhood.

“The Foundation helps keep Cambridge, Cambridge,” said Eric. “They invest in all the things we love about this city – our neighbors, the liveliness of places like Central Square, protecting the diversity of people and values. We knew our money to CCF would go where it’s most needed in the community.”

“It’s about giving to something that matters,” said Rebekah. “Those of us with the means to give back, we have a responsibility to support our neighbors – who have often lived here far longer – to be able to stay here and have what they need.”

We’re grateful to Rebekah and Eric for making a gift to CCF a part of their love story, and to all who generously support Cambridge each year!

To donate to CCF, please visit our donation page here.