Published On: March 22nd, 2021

Dear neighbors,

Last week, the voices of eight citizens, including six Asian women, were silenced by a white man with a gun. This devastating act changed the lives of their loved ones, raised fear among Asian Americans in communities across the nation, and elevated, yet again, the ugly face of racism in the United States.

In Cambridge, a city that cherishes its diversity, we respect all cultures, religions, ethnicities, and racial groups and honor each for how they enrich our community. We stand with all communities that experience fear and prejudice. We speak out against injustice when we see it.

It matters how we treat each other and how we value one another because we are not separate from our community; we are part of its voice and protectors of its values.

So, as we move into another week, without those eight voices in Georgia, let’s raise ours through words and deeds. Let’s embrace tolerance and respect for one another. Let’s learn from those with lived experiences and a story to tell. Let’s do the work necessary to combat racism and expand equity in our community.

We’re incredibly fortunate to have a community that is digging into this work now. Tomorrow, the Cambridge Public Library Foundation will host author Ta-Nehisi Coates as part of its Voices for Justice series, expanding equity, inclusion, and antiracism work. On Thursday, there’s a Massachusetts Town Hall on Anti-Asian Racism, co-hosted by our nonprofit partners Greater Boston Legal Services, South Asian Workers’ Center, and Asian Women for Health.

There are many more conversations to join as we work together to uplift our community as a whole.

Geeta Pradhan