Published On: March 9th, 2023

At the Foundation, we’re big supporters of our city’s youth leaders who find their voices and direct their passions to raise funds to make a difference in our city.

This winter, we joined nearly 100 donors who supported the 3rd annual Cambridge Youth Council and CRLS Black Student Union MLK Day Fundraiser, which netted more than $15,645, enabling students to direct $2,235 to seven nonprofits supporting their peers.

“CYC prides itself on being a champion ‘for youth, from youth,’ which is why we chose local organizations focused on promoting young people and their own advocacy,” said Elaine Wen, a CYC member. “Too often young people are told what they want, what they should be doing, and what they need. We sought to give voice back to the youth, and to support them in creating the road they each need for themselves.”

Ashley Herring who leads one of the recipient organizations, blackyard, partners closely with the BSU and encourages more adults in the community to listen to voices of Cambridge Black youth.

“When I sit around in a circle with BSU, I continue to realize that they have so many answers to the things adults are wondering,” said Ashley. “I hope they continue to be in adult spaces and share the vision they have for themselves with their community. If we would put more trust in our youth, we would be so much stronger in Cambridge.”

The Foundation’s  to the fundraiser was made possible by our Teaching Philanthropy Fund, created to educate and empower our city’s youth to be part of local giving.

“We’d like to extend our appreciation to everyone who helped in whatever capacity, as they made it all possible to invest in our youth and thus, invest in our future,” said Elaine on behalf of the CYC and BSU.

A big thank you and hats off to these young civic leaders for their continued dedication to uplifting our community. They inspire us.

The CYC and BSU’s grant recipients are: